Laser Vision London offers a variety of ways to make your LASIK procedure more affordable.

Our financing program is available through Windsor Family Credit Union and the application process involves filling out the application on-line or by obtaining forms from Laser Vision London.

To apply follow the link and select other for the purpose of the loan and type in WLEI under Windsor Family member number.

Fill out application on-line

For more information about Windsor Family Credit Union financing including terms and rates visit them on the web at Personal Loans or contact Laser Vision London at 877-417-2020.

FLEX Spending

Laser Vision Correction may be a necessity in your life but unfortunately, some health insurance plans do not agree. However, your employer may have a financing option for you to consider.

Commonly called a flex plan, a Flexible Spending Account is an employer-sponsored benefit that allows you to pay for eligible medical expenses on a pre-tax basis. Contributions made to the account are deducted from your pay before your Federal, State or Social Security taxes are calculated.

If available, you choose the contribution amount. The designated amount is then deducted from your pay in equal installments throughout the year and placed into the account by the employer. Once your claim is submitted, you can collect your reimbursement cheque.

Check with your employer to determine whether you can access this opportunity.