Newsat Laser Vision London

Oct 13, 2022

  • Congratulations to Dr. Fouad Tayfour and Dr. Barry Emara on their official launch of Windsor Surgical Centre which took place last week on World Sight Day. This new 12,000 square foot facility is in partnership with Windsor Regional Hospital and is the first of its kind in Ontario. Freeing up hospital resources, Windsor Surgical Centre provides increased access to cataract surgeries and operations to repair retinal detachments. From all of us at Laser Vision London congratulations on this wonderful achievement.
  • Learn more about Windsor Surgical Centre from CTV News

Oct 5, 2022

  • Posted Sept. 29 2021 - Breakthrough technology Alert: What is intermediate vision? It refers to eyesight at arm’s length or approximately 66 cm from the eye and is required for many daily tasks. Now here is the exciting part:, where monofocal lenses only correct vision to help patients see things at a distance and do not improve the intermediate vision that is required for many daily tasks, Tecnis Eyhance Toric II delivers distance and intermediate vison. It is a breakthrough solution in vision correction now available right here at Laser Vision London.
  • The TECNIS Eyhance Toric II IOL from Johnson + Johnson is available right here at #LVL and we are the first to implant it in Southwestern Ontario. What makes this Intraocular lens (IOL) superior? For starters, not all IOL’s are created equal so it is important to know your options when undergoing cataract surgery.
    Some IOL’s only correct your monofocal (i.e., distance vision) while the TECNIS Eyhance Toric II IOL corrects both your monofocal and intermediate vision plus corrects astigmatism. This game changing technology is a huge breakthrough in vision correction for cataracts.
  • Have you heard the news? Something very exciting has happened at Laser Vision London. We have just become the first Surgical Centre in Southwestern Ontario to implant the Eyhance Toric II IOL performed by none other than Dr. Bo Li.
    What is so great about this technology? The Eyhance Toric II IOL is a next-generation Refractive IOL that elevates expectations established by the monofocal category by providing enhanced intermediate vision. It is a life changing procedure that that we are excited to offer to our patients at Laser Vision London. Plus it gets even better, the Eyhance Toric II IOL is also available to patients across all our Centres: The Windsor Laser Eye Institute, Burlington Laser Eye Centre and the Barrie Lasik Centre. How great is that?